24hour express delivery of encoders

We track our encoders back to the very beginning of our company history, which enables us to reproduce any Eltomatic encoder if the serial numbers is available to us. To meet a demand from our customers to provide a faster service we have opened up for Expedited Shipping where we within 24 hours can manufacture and ship up to 5pcs of our most commonly used encoders.

This is only possible if the following are met: 

Monday thru Thursday: Orders must be received by 1:00 pm GMT
Friday: Orders must be received by 9:00 am GMT 

Maximum of 5pcs encoders (existing models only) may be expedited within 24-hr

24 hr. Service (01-08 and 01-09)

  • Encoders will be built and shipped within 24 hrs (work days only). See notes
    • Encoder type 02-07 is only available on 3 working days
    • Any 3x227ppr types are not available on expedited shipping
  • Fee: 50% of the standard cost price 

3 working days service (02-07)

  • Encoders will be built and shipped within 3 working. See notes
  • Fee: 40% of the standard cost price


  1. Expedited Services are based on manufacturing time and are NOT to be taken as guaranteed delivery time. The actual delivery time depends on the Freight Carrier. NO CLAIMS for damages against Eltomatic A/S will be considered irrespective of the legal reasons because of delays by the Freight Carrier.
  2. Expedited Service orders are accepted only after it has been confirmed that all necessary parts and components are in stock. Eltomatic will notify the customer if the requested Expedited Service is not possible.
  3. Orders for encoders with ID numbers may require parts that are not in stock. This may result in added delivery time. Confirm lead time when submitting orders with ID numbers.