Our product quality
Reliability, adaptability, complete solutions, cost effective and robust are key words and have brought Eltomatic's encoders and accessories to the forefront in the fuel dispensing and petrochemical industries. We track our encoders back to the very beginning of our company history, which enables us to reproduce any Eltomatic encoder if the serial numbers is available to us.

Eltomatic’s ATEX approved encoders are available in a wide range of mechanical and electrical variations. We can supply you with a "ready to use” solution for your production line with both ATEX, IECEx and UKEX certificates.

Our encoders range from very simple types to encoders with built-in microcontrollers, which allow unique “intelligent” features such as programmable select modes, suppression of illegal reverse rotational pulses, self-monitoring of important parameters, predefined alarm modes, etc.

Our flexible modular accessory program gives our customers the possibility of easily compiling their own solution.

The rugged and compact construction also means that our products are very suitable for other applications such as machine control and monitoring. The encoder housing is molded in a seawater resistant aluminum alloy and the electronics are molded in, which provides good environmental and shock protection.